Bluetooth Controllers for Android devices

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Last time I showed you how to set up the ColorCross VR glasses and how to start your first app. But VR Games really start to be interesting when it comes to interact with the app, when you are able to move in the game and to make some actions. Of course it’s not possible to control the game over the touchscreen of your phone because you can’t reach it. So there are two possibilities left: Controlling the game by moving your head or using a controller. Both are pretty common in VR games.

Today I’m going to write about two controllers you can use for playing and how to connect them to your Android phone.
At first I’d like to show you the controller I’m using: the idroid:con from Snakebyte, then I’m going to write about the iPega PG-9021

Snakebyte idroid:con

How to connect the controller to your Android phone

The idroid:con from Snakebyte is a wireless controller you can use for Android and iOS devices. You can start it in 5 different modes:

To power the controller on you just press the button for your desired mode and the power button for 3 seconds.For the most apps it’s good to start the controller in Gamepad mode (Power + X) but for some apps you need to start the controller in the Keyboard mode (Power + A).
After turning on the controller activate Bluetooth on your Android device, search for the controller and pair it to your device. After this you can use the controller with your phone :-)

My opinion

You can buy the controller on Amazon for €18,50. I think you get a really good value for your money. The idroid:con is easy to connect and use and you can set it up really fast.

iPega PG-9021

How to connect the controller to your Android phone

At the beginning I had troubles connecting the controller to my Nexus. Of course I didn’t read the manual and didn’t know that the controller requires an app to connect it to the phone ;-)
After I’ve read the manual it took me about half an hour to find the right version of the app (I had to navigate through a few very strange looking Chinese websites until I finally managed to download the right apk. I’ve uploaded it to my Dropbox — you can download it here.
After downloading the app install it on your device and open it. After opening it, it asks you to set Bitgames IME as your default input method. To do so click on the first Button (“Bitgames IME”) and check Bitgames IME as an input method. Return to the app, click on the second Button (“Default Input Method”) and select Bitgames IME. After this click “Done” and navigate to “My Device” in the menu at the bottom.

Power your controller on (to power it on expand the plastic in the middle and look for the power switch). Afterwards click on the “Add Gamepad” Button, search for your device and select “Bind”. After this you are ready to play :-)

My opinion

You can buy the controller on Amazon for €24,99. It’s a bit pricier than the idroid:con but I really prefer the idroid:con.

One thing that’s really annoying about this game pad is that you always have to reconnect it to your phone after powering off the controller.

On the other hand a big plus is the plastic thing in the middle where you can put your phone in. It doesn’t make any difference for VR games, but it’s really nice if you are playing “normal” games with the controller.


When it comes to choosing between the Snakebyte idroid:con and the iPega PG-9021 I’d definitely choose the Snakebyte controller. It’s way easier to connect (and you don’t have to download this strange app from an even more strange Chinese website ;-)) and also cheaper.

Originally published at on March 10, 2015.

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