How I configured and customized the Nurui theme for Ghost

Add a Table of Contents

<aside class="toc"></aside>

Automatically add the ToC to all posts

Hide the ToC with a custom tag

Style the ToC

Hide subheadings

headingSelector: 'h1, h2'

Add a title

tocSelector: '.toc',
contentSelector: '.post-content',
headingSelector: 'h1, h2',
hasInnerContainers: true
.is-active-link::before { background-color: var(--color-details); }

Style the headings

h2 { font-size: 40px; margin-top: 32px; }

Add a ‘Back to Top’ Button

<span onclick="goToTop()" id="goToTopButton" class="go-to-top-button"/>

Use the automatic dark version of the theme

Style code blocks

Add Disqus Comments

Allow users to subscribe to new posts

Enable Search

Set the background color of posts without images


Version information



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Katharina Sick

Katharina Sick

Creative and detail-oriented software developer. Advanced from mobile to backend development and now getting into full stack solutions.