Joining the Coderdojo Linz

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Choosing a Topic

Choosing a topic was quite easy. As you may know from one of my previous posts, Matthias and me are currently a lot into the Map Reactions Project that phonetically maps a sentence to a route that sounds similar and can be displayed on a map. Thus, we decided to build a simple app that acts as the frontend for this tool. When opening the app the user can enter a phrase which is then phonetically mapped to a list of places that sound similar. This list is fetched from the already existing backend and then displayed as a route on a map.

Preparing the Android App

As quite some time passed since I worked as an Android developer I decided to build the complete app upfront to be nicely prepared for our first workshop. Just after downloading Android Studio and creating a new project I realized that a lot has changed in the last years. The new things I noticed immediately were the Navigation component and the new layouting options which I enjoyed a lot. Also the WYSIWYG editor for resource files improved a lot, which is nice for a workshop with kids. A very positive thing I have to point out is that those features really make it easy to get into Android development for a beginner.

The Workshop

After preparation was done, it was time to finally do the workshop. A few hours before I tested my mic and audio and everything seemed to be good, so I was ready and waited for it to start. When the meeting started, guess what, my mic and audio weren’t working. Fortunately Matthias could start the workshop and I came up with a workaround to “fix” everything. So about a quarter of an hour later I could finally join as well.


I joined the CoderDojo Linz and did two workshops about Android App Development with my friend Matthias. Together with the kids we built an app that phonetically maps a sentence to a route that sounds similar and can be displayed on a map (see Implementing XKCD’s Map Reactions). The (german) instructions to implement the app are available here. It was a great experience for me.


CoderDojo Linz The german instructions for implementing the app



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